Virginia Calegare
[ Virgin Australia (RightSec)]
Virtual CISO at Virgin Australia (RightSec)

Formally educated in international conflict, counter-terrorism, intelligence, cyber warfare, nuclear criticality safety, knowledge and risk management, Virginia is an experienced Cyber Security adviser with a demonstrated work history in the military, government organisations (National Critical Infrastructure) and the diverse industries in the private sector. As a Cyber Security Intel Lieutenant Officer in the Brazilian Navy, she was an integral part of the Navy’s Nuclear-Powered Submarine Project, heading the project’s InfoSec team.

Virginia holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, a Master's in International Security Studies and a master’s degree in Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, with a specialisation in Cyber Security at Macquarie University. Virginia was recently awarded a cyber security prize for her research on “Internet of Things and Cyber Challenges to National Security”.

Virginia enjoy applying “What if”, Analysis of Competing Hypothesis (ACH) and Devil advocate techniques to all relevant themes in the fields of defense, politics and cyber security.

Virginia is passionate about security and frequently refers to herself as a “Sheepdog,” born to protect the good sheep in a world under constant attack of malicious bad wolves.

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