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Damien Huffer

The University of Queensland , School of Social Science


Damien was most recently a postdoctoral fellow (2017 – 2019) within the Osteoarchaeological Research Laboratory, Department of Archaeology & Classical Studies, Stockholm University. During 2014 – 2016, he held the Stable Isotope Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute/Division of Anthropology. He is currently an honourary research associate with UQ School of Social Science and has also recently collaborated with the QUT School of Justice.

He is an osteoarchaeologist and forensic anthropologist by training, but in recent years, has shifted into the inter-disciplinary realm of illicit trafficking research, and actively collaborates with Australian and international colleagues to use this research to advocate for policy and legislative reform where online black markets are concerned.

As a co-founder of the Alliance to Counter Crime Online, he has expertise in illicit antiquities trafficking research method, theory and practice, as well as qualitative approaches to investigating media rhetoric and victimization in Business Email Compromise fraud (at QUT, under Dr. Cassandra Cross).

He is passionate about helping to raise public awareness of the existence and complexities of the ‘niche’ market that is the global traffic in human remains, as well as “Big Tech” regulation (or lack of), and also actively collaborates with law enforcement agents as a subject-matter expert.

Damien Huffer at AusCERT2022