Nick Ellsmore
Nick Ellsmore has started, built, merged, acquired and sold multiple cyber-security businesses.

Now Director, CPS (Pacific) at Trustwave, an Optus company following the sale of Hivint to Trustwave in 2018, Nick previously co-founded SIFT (acquired Safecoms, merged with Stratsec), sold to BAE Systems in 2010. Named the inaugural “AISA Information Security Professional of the Year” in 2012, Nick has served on boards and forums including the Internet Industry Association, the NATA AAC for Software Testing, UNSW Advisory Boards, and the APEC TEL Security & Prosperity Steering Group.

Nick is an advisor to fast-growth cyber security startups including Bugcrowd, is a published author on the topic of cyber security in the context of Intelligence and the Function of Government, and a keynote speaker on various things cyber and startups.

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