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Shannon Hartley


Shannon has been slogging away in IT for over 15 years with many of those in the Catholic Education Sector. With humble beginnings in support roles, he has progressed through systems administration to architecture roles, always enjoying trying to understand “how everything works” and questing to making things more efficient. In the last couple of years his focus has shifted to cyber security, (which he insists is not the reason he has gone grey); regardless, he now works as IT Security Architect for the Catholic Education Network, better known as CEnet, and will be presenting some of their learnings from exploration of the potential behind automating and enriching threat intelligence from AusCERT, and how that is being paid forward to Catholic Education communities across Australia.

Shannon Hartley at AUSCERT2024

Shannon Hartley
Information Security Innovation

23/05/2024 1:35 pm

Conference – Day 1