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AusCERT2016: Ubiquitous

AusCERT is hosting AusCERT2016, the 15th annual AusCERT Information Security Conference from 23rd-27th May 2016.

As society increasingly moves towards ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things, the innovations and benefits for society, health and well-being are profound and exciting. We are seeing innovation in sensors and data analytics, context aware systems, wearable devices, drones and robotics, and machines and critical systems that have not previously been accessible remotely are now being connected. Advances in medical science using embedded medical devices that can prolong life, restore hearing and allow the visually impaired to “see” through machines are some remarkable examples of ubiquitous computing.

However, ubiquitous systems also create challenges and risks for everyone and everything. The interconnectivity of devices and systems; their ability to be remotely accessed or controlled; and their ability to be exploited and misused can have adverse consequences for individuals and society not intended by their designers.

The information security community must address and respond to these challenges and risks while nurturing the innovations that benefit society and individual well-being. Come to AusCERT2016 to hear a great line up of talented speakers discuss and explore the security challenges and risks associated with ubiquitous computing and network with your peers.

Speaker Highlights

  • Christopher Soghoian, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Bill Duane, RSA
  • Darren Kitchen, Hak5

Conference Highlights

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Call for Presentations closed
The AusCERT2016 Program Committee welcomed original contributions for presentations and Tutorials.
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