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Anthony Caruana



Anthony Caruana is a well-known writer, presenter, facilitator, journalist and consultant who has built a career thriving in today’s digitally driven 24-hour news cycle. He is a regular commentator on radio and TV and contributor to CSO Australia, ZDNet and Which-50.

He is the former editor of Macworld Australia and foundation editor of Technology Decisions.

As an experienced IT professional having worked as the lead IT executive in several businesses, he brings a unique insight to his reporting. As the CEO of Media-Wize, Anthony delivers media and PR training tailored to the needs of tech companies to ensure spokespeople understand how the media works, what makes a story, how to articulate an engaging message,  structure communication strategies to meet the company’s goals and handle a crisis.

Anthony Caruana at AusCERT2022

Anthony Caruana , Chris Gatford
Incident Response and Handling

13/05/2022 2:30 pm

Conference – Day 2

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