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Dr Michael Cohen

Rapid 7

Dr. Michael Cohen has over 20 years of experience in applying and developing novel incident response and digital forensics tools and techniques.

He has previously worked in the Australian Department of Defence as an information security specialist, at the Australian Federal Police specializing in digital forensics, network and memory forensics. In 2010 he joined Google, where he created tools in support of the incident response team.

In 2020, Mike has joined Rapid7 to support and develop Velociraptor, an advanced open source endpoint visibility tool.

Dr Michael Cohen at AUSCERT2024

Dr Michael Cohen
Mandatory Breach Notification & Privacy

22/05/2024 1:30 pm

Tutorial – Day 2

STREAM 11 • Southport

Advances in detection engineering

Dr Michael Cohen
Incident Response and Handling

24/05/2024 2:35 pm

Conference – Day 2

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