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Jess Dodson



Based in Brisbane, Australia and with 20+ years experience in both IT operations and cyber security, and a stubbornness to push people to get the basics RIGHT, Jess wears the title of SecOps Witch proudly!

Chances are if you’ve run into “girlgerms” online, you’ve spoken to Jess.

After spending nearly 15 years as a sysadmin, she made the jump to the corporate world. Jess is now a Cloud Solution Architect with Microsoft, where she spends most of her days presenting to customers – just as if she was on stage at a con. In her downtime, Jess spends far too many hours playing video games & with Lego and occasionally remembering she also has a 6yo to look after!

Jess Dodson at AUSCERT2024

Jess Dodson
Blue/Purple Teaming

24/05/2024 10:45 am

Conference – Day 2

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